Canadian students are losing ground compared with peers in other countries when it comes to math. “Canada has dropped out of the top 10 in international math education standings, a decline that is raising alarms around the country’s future prosperity (The Globe and Mail, Dec. 03, 2013).”

The best way to reverse this trend is to focus on the basic math facts in elementary schools and use teacher-friendly assessment tools. Road2Math (R2M) was created to do just that; empowering teachers with easy to use assessment tools.

Math is often considered a “gatekeeper” within education. Unfortunately, the lack of accurate, fast and effortless recall of basic math facts (basic computational skills) prevents students from grasping more complicated math concepts in high school.

Rather than providing the level of attention students need and deserve, they are forced to divide their time between teaching and hand-marked traditional assessments.

Road2Math’s innovated tool is designed to provide quick and effective feedback without increasing teacher’s workload.


Elementary school teachers and administrators are looking for a way to monitor basic math skills. Our online benchmark assessment tool provides a quick, inexpensive and efficient way to measure the performance of individual students, classes and entire schools.

“R2M lets the computer do the marking and analysis, so teachers can do what they do best: teach.”
Holger Rode, Teacher & Founder of Road2Math Learning Inc.

We know now that basic math fact skills (skills that students gain in elementary schools) are a good predictor of students’ high school math scores (The Journal ofNeuroscience, January 2, 2013) .

In order to enable elementary school teachers, Road2Math Learning. Inc. has developed a benchmark assessment tool that measures accuracy rate, fluency rate and compiles a list of correct and incorrect facts for each student.

With this data, and by tracking this data, teachers will gain a clear picture of students’ current math level within the school. Teachers are able to collaborate and derive the next best learning step for each student, class and for the school as a whole.

Road2Math’s benchmark assessment tool removes the headaches of assessing, monitoring, and analyzing basic math facts skills, and allows teachers to redirect their energy towards helping students.


For Students

  • Our tool helps to develop automaticity (fast, accurate, and effortless recall) with the basic math facts – a key component of math learning
  • Less students will fall behind, as their basic math fact skill level is continually monitored and targeted intervention programs will move students’ learning forward
  • Students’ assessments are completely customizable, as teachers can vary expectations to students’ ability (number of facts & operations). This will reduce math anxiety and will create a more positive learning environment for students

For Teachers

  • Marking and data analysis of basic math fact skills is done by our software, freeing you to focus on teaching.
  • Consistent and useful data allows for detecting trends, strategizing and setting school goals, which are needed to address the lack of basic math fact skills in our school system.
  • Our benchmark assessment enables teachers to increase personalized learning and to optimize formative assessment practices into math lessons
  • Teachers feel more successful teaching math

For Schools

  • Our tool is inexpensive, easy to use and effective
  • Shared assessment creates consistent, useful data throughout the grades
  • Based on consistent data, schools can decide how to allocate limited resources
  • Elementary school will be able to better prepare students for high school math and therefore the job market.

School Wide Shared Assessment + Shared Focus = Shared Success

How it Works

1. Teachers subscribe to R2M’s online resources

2. Students log on and complete the tests

3. R2M instantaneously marks and analyzes the customized tests

4. Teachers are given data on accuracy rate, fluency rate and compiles list of correct and incorrect facts for each student

5. Teachers then quickly determine the next best learning step for each individual student and for the class as a whole

It’s Not Magic... It’s A Process

The Cost

R2M can mark and analyze basic math facts assessments – which typically take a significant amount of time – within seconds, freeing teachers to focus on education – all for $1 per student per year (3 or 4 assessments).

Note: R2M is currently offering an “early adopter” price to teachers who access our product now.

Meet The Team

Holger Rode

Founder & President with a BSc degree (Computer Science) and BEd degree 11 years of teaching math in the public school system

Pat Herbert

Sr. Software developer with a degree in Computer Science, a Master’s Certificate in Project Management (MCPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) designation

Contact Information:

Holger Rode
Road2Math Learning Inc.
Email : info@road2math.com
Smithers, BC, Canada
Phone : (1) 604 992 6019